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Deprecated features

This page contains description of the command line arguments, configuration parameters and the bot features that were declared as DEPRECATED by the bot development team and are no longer supported. Please avoid their usage in your configuration.

Removed features

the --refresh-pairs-cached command line option

--refresh-pairs-cached in the context of backtesting, hyperopt and edge allows to refresh candle data for backtesting. Since this leads to much confusion, and slows down backtesting (while not being part of backtesting) this has been singled out as a separate freqtrade sub-command freqtrade download-data.

This command line option was deprecated in 2019.7-dev (develop branch) and removed in 2019.9.

The --dynamic-whitelist command line option

This command line option was deprecated in 2018 and removed freqtrade 2019.6-dev (develop branch) and in freqtrade 2019.7. Please refer to pairlists instead.

the --live command line option

--live in the context of backtesting allowed to download the latest tick data for backtesting. Did only download the latest 500 candles, so was ineffective in getting good backtest data. Removed in 2019-7-dev (develop branch) and in freqtrade 2019.8.

ticker_interval (now timeframe)

Support for ticker_interval terminology was deprecated in 2020.6 in favor of timeframe - and compatibility code was removed in 2022.3.

Allow running multiple pairlists in sequence

The former "pairlist" section in the configuration has been removed, and is replaced by "pairlists" - being a list to specify a sequence of pairlists.

The old section of configuration parameters ("pairlist") has been deprecated in 2019.11 and has been removed in 2020.4.

deprecation of bidVolume and askVolume from volume-pairlist

Since only quoteVolume can be compared between assets, the other options (bidVolume, askVolume) have been deprecated in 2020.4, and have been removed in 2020.9.

Using order book steps for exit price

Using order_book_min and order_book_max used to allow stepping the orderbook and trying to find the next ROI slot - trying to place sell-orders early. As this does however increase risk and provides no benefit, it's been removed for maintainability purposes in 2021.7.

Legacy Hyperopt mode

Using separate hyperopt files was deprecated in 2021.4 and was removed in 2021.9. Please switch to the new Parametrized Strategies to benefit from the new hyperopt interface.

Strategy changes between V2 and V3

Isolated Futures / short trading was introduced in 2022.4. This required major changes to configuration settings, strategy interfaces, ...

We have put a great effort into keeping compatibility with existing strategies, so if you just want to continue using freqtrade in spot markets, there are no changes necessary. While we may drop support for the current interface sometime in the future, we will announce this separately and have an appropriate transition period.

Please follow the Strategy migration guide to migrate your strategy to the new format to start using the new functionalities.

webhooks - changes with 2022.4

buy_tag has been renamed to enter_tag

This should apply only to your strategy and potentially to webhooks. We will keep a compatibility layer for 1-2 versions (so both buy_tag and enter_tag will still work), but support for this in webhooks will disappear after that.

Naming changes

Webhook terminology changed from "sell" to "exit", and from "buy" to "entry", removing "webhook" in the process.

  • webhookbuy, webhookentry -> entry
  • webhookbuyfill, webhookentryfill -> entry_fill
  • webhookbuycancel, webhookentrycancel -> entry_cancel
  • webhooksell, webhookexit -> exit
  • webhooksellfill, webhookexitfill -> exit_fill
  • webhooksellcancel, webhookexitcancel -> exit_cancel

Removal of populate_any_indicators

version 2023.3 saw the removal of populate_any_indicators in favor of split methods for feature engineering and targets. Please read the migration document for full details.