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Deprecated features

This page contains description of the command line arguments, configuration parameters and the bot features that were declared as DEPRECATED by the bot development team and are no longer supported. Please avoid their usage in your configuration.

Removed features

the --refresh-pairs-cached command line option

--refresh-pairs-cached in the context of backtesting, hyperopt and edge allows to refresh candle data for backtesting. Since this leads to much confusion, and slows down backtesting (while not being part of backtesting) this has been singled out as a separate freqtrade sub-command freqtrade download-data.

This command line option was deprecated in 2019.7-dev (develop branch) and removed in 2019.9.

The --dynamic-whitelist command line option

This command line option was deprecated in 2018 and removed freqtrade 2019.6-dev (develop branch) and in freqtrade 2019.7.

the --live command line option

--live in the context of backtesting allowed to download the latest tick data for backtesting. Did only download the latest 500 candles, so was ineffective in getting good backtest data. Removed in 2019-7-dev (develop branch) and in freqtrade 2019.8.

Allow running multiple pairlists in sequence

The former "pairlist" section in the configuration has been removed, and is replaced by "pairlists" - being a list to specify a sequence of pairlists.

The old section of configuration parameters ("pairlist") has been deprecated in 2019.11 and has been removed in 2020.4.

deprecation of bidVolume and askVolume from volume-pairlist

Since only quoteVolume can be compared between assets, the other options (bidVolume, askVolume) have been deprecated in 2020.4, and have been removed in 2020.9.